January 9, 2020

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make a big difference during a patient’s stay at St. Joe’s. It’s an extra blanket to keep someone warm on a cold night in Emergency. Or a sleeper chair so that family members can stay close to their loved one during an over-night stay in the Intensive Care Unit. But with recent cuts to healthcare funding across the province, it can be difficult to cover the costs of the “little things” that make a big difference. That’s why St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation created the Patient Comfort and Kindness Grants.

Using generous donations from our community of grateful patients and supporters, we set aside funding each year and invite our Hospital staff to submit applications for the little things their unit needs to take the care they deliver from exceptional to extraordinary.  The applications our Foundation receives are for patient care and comfort items that are not eligible for government funding, but our care team believes they’ll support hope and healing in our patients.

Late in 2019, the Foundation granted more than $26,000 to fund 10 new projects through the Patient Comfort and Kindness initiative. Here are just a few of the projects we’re funding. Refer to the end of the article below for a full list.

  • Helping Patients to Walk Again with Physiotherapy
    The Physiotherapy Department received a $2,150 grant to purchase a platform walker with an oxygen tank attachment. The walker supports a patient’s body weight while exercising and keeps their oxygen tank safe and nearby. This reduces pain patients may experience during their recommended physiotherapy regimen—making them more likely to stick to their therapy program which helps them to regain their mobility and their independence. width=
  • Offering New Moms a Low Intervention Birthing Option
    The Mother-Baby Unit received a $4,700 grant to create a low-intervention birthing room. The room will offer clinically-well women the option of a natural, non-medicated birthing experience with minimal medical or technological intervention. With dimmable lighting, a birthing mat and seat, and a calming wall decal will complete the creation of this low intervention birthing room on the unit. Benefits of a natural birth include a shorter recovery period and an early start to breastfeeding and bonding as both mother and baby are alert immediately after birth.newborn
  • Easing Anxiety in People Recovering from Addiction at Womankind
    Womankind Addiction Service received a $500 grant to purchase and stock a stress reduction cart. Those mobile care will bring stress balls, weighted blankets, fidget cubes, meditation books and more to clients who are seeking help for their addiction. This seemingly simple gesture will to relieve the anxiety, stress and trauma related symptoms often exhibited by clients.Young Woman With Anxiety Disorder

The next application deadline for Patient Comfort and Kindness Grants is in June 2020. Learn more on My St. Joe’s.

All 2019 Patient Comfort & Kindness Grant Recipients:

Department Patient Comfort & Kindness Item or Project Funded
Emergency Medicine 2 Sleeper Chairs
General Internal Medicine Programs Hand Thumb Orthosis (4); Heel Boot (6); Beed Foot Support (3)
General Internal Medicine Programs Sensory Equipment
General Internal Medicine Programs Bariatric Sleeper Chair
Mental Health & Addiction Services Mobile Cart with Stress Reduction Supplies
Mental Health Services Books; magazine subscriptions; video games; movies
Mental Health Services Treadmill
Mental Health Services 2 Massage Chairs
Therapeutic Services Walker with Oxygen Tank Holder
Women’s and Infants’ Program 1 Birthing Seat; 1 Birthing Mat; Lights; Wall Art Wrap


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