July 4, 2022

Our Patient Comfort & Kindness Grants Return!

More funding than ever before is available, thanks to the Ever Hopeful Fund

It’s that time of year again! The time when we invite our Hospital staff—on behalf of their units and departments—to submit applications for a grant of up to $5,000 from our Patient Comfort and Kindness Fund.

These grants help cover the costs of those “little things” that are not eligible for government funding, but are essential to improving the comfort and care patients receive at St. Joe’s.

Patient Comfort and Kindness Grants are made possible through generous donations made by our community of donors and friends, and Hospital staff members, too.

For the past two years, an anonymous donor (known as the Ever Hopeful Fund) has provided a gift of $100,000 each year to help our Foundation grant as many requests as possible. The donor has been so inspired by your applications, and the difference they are making to the patients St. Joe’s serves that, this year, they have increased their donation to $150,000! And we couldn’t be more grateful.

Now, there are more Patient Comfort & Kindness grants available than ever before.

So, don’t delay, submit your applications by August 5, 2022. All campuses, units, departments and satellite or offsite care programs of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton are eligible to apply.

Once again, we express our heartfelt thanks to the Ever Hopeful Fund and all of our supporters of the Patient Comfort and Kindness Grants. And thank YOU, our St. Joe’s Care Teams, for always thinking of new ways to deliver exceptional care to the people our Hospital is privileged to serve. Click here to apply today! 

Below is a list of the grants that were made in 2021:

Department Patient Comfort and Kindness Request Funded
10 AMH Geri Chair to promote relaxation and to reduce anxiety.
10 AMH HEPA filtered warming cabinet for blankets to bring comfort.
2 ALC Supplies to support dementia patients’ social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive care.
5 Fontbonne Clinics 22 new chairs for Fontbonne’s patient waiting room—one of the busiest in our Hospital and one that is in need of refurbishment.
6 Surgical Fridge to house items that help meet our patients’ and families’ individual nutritional needs.
9 AMH Weighted furniture to ensure patient comfort and safety.
ACT 1 Personal hygiene supplies to foster dignity and self-confidence, while supporting a client’s overall health and well-being.
Apheresis Blood warmer for apheresis machine to help increase patient body temperature and keep them comfortable during treatment.
Birthing Unit Bassinet to safely transfer newborns from other areas of the Hospital when born outside of the Birthing Unit.
Birthing/Mother Baby Units Thermometers to support newborn and maternal temperature and vital sign monitoring.
Brant ACTT A barbeque and accessories to host community events in the warmer months, which will provide meals and much-needed socialization for clients.
Centralized Rehab Resource Clinic Technology to facilitate hybrid model of in-person and virtual therapeutic rehabilitation, to increase accessibility and encourage client engagement.
Complex Care VR headset, Bluetooth speaker and boombox for the Therapeutic Recreation team to promote well-being and meaningful engagement, and foster feelings of relaxation and purpose.
Concurrent Disorders Outpatient Clinic 3 iPads and protective cases to enable patients to participate in and benefit from virtual therapeutic groups to support their recovery, improve mental health symptoms, reduce social isolation, and reduce substance use.
Concurrent Disorders Outpatient Clinic Gift cards to support contingency management treatment, and create a connection to their place of residency.
CTU West Wall panels to improve wayfinding and visibility, while creating a welcoming space for new patients.
CTU West Quick charging phone stations to allow patients to stay in touch with their families during their Hospital stay.
Department of Medicine & Family Medicine Books, TV rentals, basic cable and art supplies will provide entertainment and comfort to patients during their stay.
Diagnostic Imaging – CT Folding walker to provide increased safety and stability when transferring patients to the CT scan table.
Diagnostic Imaging – MRI Gait belt to safely and comfortably transfer patients from a wheelchair to a bed.
Diagnostic Imaging – MRI Ear pads, knee cushions and PearlFit wedges to provide greater comfort and support for patients who undergo diagnostic imaging.
Diagnostic Imaging – MRI MRI compatible walker to allow patients to walk independently into the MRI room and reduce the risk of falling.
Diagnostic Services – General Radiology Two-step patient positioner to assist with standing x-rays, helping patients to feel supported while staff obtain the necessary images.
EDS/Neurology Services Heat lamp to warm patient muscles to provide a controlled and safe environment for diagnostic tests to be performed comfortably.
Emergency Department Pillows to ensure patients are comfortable while waiting for care.
Emergency Department Clothing for Emergency patients to promote dignity for those who may not have someone nearby to bring them a change of clothes.
Emergency Department Tim Horton’s cards to offer to patients and families who have to stay in the Emergency department for an unforeseen amount of time.
Forensic Out-Patient Cleaning and personal hygiene supplies, grocery gift cards and winter clothing items for clients who were recently discharged, ensuring they have access to basic necessities to maintain their living environment and self-care.
Harbour East One & Harbour North One Comfort care carts with a range of activities to entertain and engage clients while they are in our care.
Mammography Speakers, breast phantom, gel pillows and artwork for Mammography exam rooms to help relieve patient anxiety and make the overall experience more comfortable.
Medical Rehabilitation Unit Two high back chairs, a bariatric armchair, wheelchair cushions and oscillating fans to promote healing and patient comfort. Clothing for vulnerable patients to encourage participation in physiotherapy.
Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton Four vinyl coated arm chairs are being provided to replace the worn chairs in the main client meeting room, creating a more welcoming environment and promoting patient comfort.
Nuclear Medicine A Phlebotomy wedge and IV chair to provide greater comfort and support for patients who undergo IV procedures prior to exams. iPad and speakers to listen to music to help calm patients and reduce feelings of anxiety.
Nursing Education / Operating Room Pillows to comfort patients during their surgical journey.
Occupational Therapy Pressure relieving devices to help increase comfort for patients with limited mobility. Tablet and phone holders to support patients with decreased arm function to communicate with family and friends, access apps to assist with their recovery, and engage in meaningful activities more independently.
Outpatient Department A new scale to accommodate patients of all sizes, eliminating the need to visit other departments for accurate weight documentation.
Outpatient Diabetes Clinic Translating gestational diabetes education resources into 4 different languages to better reflect the diverse community, empowering patients to feel more confident and engaged in their own self-care.
Pediatrics (Special Care Nursery) Developmental care packages to support infants with Neonatal Abstinence syndrome. Each package contains developmental toys and guides for families to take home, targeting essential skill development in the first 18 months of life.
PES/Emergency Mental Health Service Self-regulating aids to comfort patients and help manage anxiety while waiting for care.
RAAM Clinic Three iPads and protective cases to support and reduce barriers for patients accessing virtual therapeutic groups. Gift cards to support their recovery by enabling patients to purchase a balanced meal or other basic necessities.
Recreation Therapy – Acute Medicine / ALC Arts-based interventions for senior patients living with Alzheimer’s, dementia or other cognitive impairments. These interactive art-based installations help to support non-verbal communication while also creating a comforting and familiar care environment for patients.
Redevelopment Four benches for patients and visitors to enjoy time outdoors near the Main Entrance of the Charlton Campus.
Satellite Health Facility Multi-sensory items, exercise equipment, cognitive activities and comfort items for patients living with dementia or other cognitive impairments. Creating opportunities for social, sensory and cognitive stimulation, while protecting against functional decline.
SCIS-HN ACTT 30 fans and 10 personal space coolers to help clients cool down during the summer months, improving their sleep and allowing them to live more comfortably.
Screening/MDRD 2 Stryker Prime TC patient transfer chairs to provide a more comfortable transition for surgical patients.
Seniors Mental Health – Forest 1 Comfort room supplies to promote healing and relaxation within the Seniors Mental Health Unit.
Seniors Mental Health – HN1/HE1 Interactive toys to support reminiscent therapy and a weighted blanket to comfort senior patients living with dementia.
Seniors Mental Health – HN1/HE1 Blanket warmer to help senior patients feel safe and comfortable, and to encourage routine sleep patterns.
Social Work (H2H) Gift cards to purchase basic necessities for our most marginalized patients. These items will help to break down barriers and empower patients to be more engaged with their health and well-being.
Special Care Nursery Positioning aids to comfort and care for our Hospital’s tiniest patients in the Special Care Nursery.
Special Care Nursery Blanket warming cabinet to provide comfort and prevent heat loss in our smallest patients.
Stay Well Program Wellness accessories such as self-massage kit, yoga straps and seat cushions to enhance the care delivered to patients.
Stay Well Program Sara Stedy sit-to-stand device to help transfer patients on and off of equipment and into seated exercises, allowing wheelchair users to access new therapeutic exercises to enhance their rehabilitation and recovery.
Therapeutic Recreation 5MG Environmental and sensory interventions to stimulate therapeutic exploration and decrease stress for those experiencing dementia and other cognitive or physical impairments.
Thrombo Clinic Motion recliner to provide relief of leg pain and help patients feel more comfortable during their visit for treatment.
Womankind Addiction Services Smart TV and portable stand to enhance delivery of recovery aids, program material and social activities across all programs at Womankind.
Women’s Health Centre New chairs and artwork for the waiting room in our Women’s Heath Centre to create a more comfortable setting and encourage feelings of relaxation.



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