Funding Priorities

Here at St. Joe’s, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to help us care for our community in the most compassionate and innovative way possible. Donations from individuals, local businesses, and foundations alike are essential in giving us with the resources we need to carry on our 126 year legacy of care.

Each year, our Foundation works alongside the Hospital to define our funding priorities and identify the areas where we need donor support. We do this by looking at our key programs and services, the needs of our community, and our Hospital’s budget. This helps us decide how we can best use your donations to have the biggest impact on our region. Currently, our four main priorities are Mental Health, Equipment, Research, and our Greatest Needs, which are those emerging funding opportunities and urgent projects that arise throughout the year.  

To learn more about each of our Funding Priorities, click on the side-bar navigation menu and find out how your support can make a difference!  





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