July 4, 2023

Our Patient Comfort & Kindness Grants Are Back!

With more funding available than ever before thanks to the Ever Hopeful Fund

Each year, we invite our Hospital staff to submit applications for a Patient Comfort & Kindness grant of up to $5,000 to help cover the costs of those “little things” that are not funded by operational budgets but are essential to enhancing the comfort and care provided to patients at St. Joe’s.

All campuses, units, departments and satellite or off-site care programs at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton are eligible to apply. Start brainstorming today and submit your applications by August 4, 2023!

These grants are made possible through donations made by our community of donors, friends, partners and Hospital staff members, too. Over the past three years, an anonymous donor – known as the Ever Hopeful Fund – has provided a series of generous gifts that have helped our Foundation grant as many requests as possible. The donor has been so moved by staff applications and the difference they are making in the lives of our patients that, this year, they have increased their donation to $175,000! That means we’ll be able to grant $200,000 in Patient Comfort & Kindness grants this year! We’re so grateful and we can’t wait to help bring comfort to St. Joe’s patients through this program.

Apply Now

Should you have any questions, please contact Joey Duong, Direct Marketing Officer, at joey@stjoesfoundation.ca.

Here are just a few of the projects funded through last year’s Patient Comfort & Kindness Grants:

Giving patients a sense of comfort
Diagnostic Services has been awarded $1,243 to purchase two breast phantom models that will be used to educate patients on how breast cancer screening and diagnostic procedures are conducted. By providing a clear understanding of the imaging exams and biopsy techniques available, these educational models will help patients feel more comfortable and less anxious.

Colouring books help patients to cope
The Critical Care Research and Intensive Care Unit received $2,095 to cover the costs of printing a new colouring book and purchasing art supplies for their adult patients. The colouring book entitled A Journey of A Lifetime was created by McMaster University students to bring happiness and comfort to patients during their hospital stay. Read more about this project here.

Supporting mothers during labour and delivery
The Birthing Unit has been granted $988 to purchase five TENS machines to offer a noninvasive form of pain relief for labouring mothers. These machines use TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) to relieve pain by helping a patient’s body to stimulate the release of natural painkillers called endorphins, while also blocking pain signals to the brain. This alternative pain relief option will help provide comfort to patients, while also empowering those who are planning an unmedicated birth or those who are looking for multiple options for pain relief.

Improving the patient waiting experience
St. Joe’s Urgent Care Centre received a $2,500 grant to purchase a range of items that will improve patient comfort while awaiting diagnosis and care, including stepstools to elevate musculoskeletal injuries and phone charging stations. Urgent Care serves a large pediatric population, so being able to have a TV and colouring supplies available will provide a positive distraction for patients and families with young children. The grant also covers the cost of purchasing a tall back chair for parents to rest while holding babies or small children.

Helping patients on their journey to recovery
The Schizophrenia & Community Integration Service (SCIS) received a $5,000 grant to purchase a variety of luggage items and reusable shopping bags. It is common for inpatients to transport their clothes in black garbage bags during home visits and upon discharge from the SCIS. Providing patients with appropriate luggage not only serves the practical purpose of transporting their belongings to their discharge destination, but it also enhances their self-worth and self-image, decreases stigma, and assists with their recovery.

All 2022 Patient Comfort & Kindness Grant Recipients:

Department Patient Comfort and Kindness Request Funded
4MG Personal table side fans for patients to stay cool during warm days.
5FB Replacement fabric for chairs to enhance patient comfort.
5FB Additional portable vital signs machine to provide more efficient and timely care for patients.
7 Surgical Dementia Fidget Lap Blankets to ease restlessness and anxiety.
7 Surgical Portable radios to provide entertainment and foster relaxation.
9/10 AMH VR headset, games, DVD players and sensory items to promote meaningful engagement and socialization.
9AMH Weighted furniture to ensure patient comfort and safety.
ACTT (Brant) Gift cards for marginalized patients to purchase basic necessities which will improve physical and mental well-being.
ACTT (Haldimand Norfolk) Gift cards to purchase basic necessities and cleaning supplies to maintain their living environment and self-care.
ACTT2 Gift cards for marginalized patients to purchase basic necessities which will improve physical and mental well-being.
Bariatrics Medical Outpatient Meal replacement program to ensure patients have access to nutritious and healthy meals to assist with weight management.
Birthing TENS Machine to provide an alternate form of pain relief for labouring mothers.
Bridge to Recovery Program Gift cards, ice packs, protective covers and fidget toys to improve the emotional well-being of patients.
Complex Care Replacement microwave ovens to allow patients and families to enjoy homemade meals during long stays.
Complex Care & Medical Rehabilitation Replacement otoscope & ear syringe to enhance the care delivered to patients.
Concurrent Disorders Gift cards to purchase art and gardening supplies to support recovery and the reduction of mental health symptoms.
Critical Care Research/ICU Produce an original colouring book designed by McMaster University students and purchase colouring supplies to calm and entertain patients during their hospital stay.
CTU 4BD Massage chair, fans and comfort care items to improve the physical and mental wellness of patients.
Diagnostic Imaging MRI compatible walker to allow patients to walk independently into the MRI room and reduce the risk of falling.
Diagnostic Imaging Wedge positioning pads and sponges to enhance patient comfort and ensure optimal imaging.
Diagnostic Imaging 2 new water stations to provide a convenient location for patients to access water for their ultrasound examination.
Diagnostic Services 2-step patient positioner and DR protector to ensure patient safety and support during standing x-rays.
Diagnostic Services Breast models to educate patients on how procedures are conducted. The models improve overall awareness while reducing patient anxiety.
Dialysis and Independent Therapies Gel Pads to provide support and comfort during dialysis.
Dialysis Unit Gift cards to ensure low-income patients are able to have nutritious and healthy meals.
Dual Diagnosis Clinic Activities, sensory items and adaptive equipment to stimulate and promote mental wellness.
Emergency Department Clothes, bus tickets and medical supplies for recently discharged patients, fostering dignity and supporting their overall health and well-being.
Hematology Compassionate iron sucrose treatments to help patients in need to overcome the symptoms of iron deficiency and improve their quality of life.
Hemodialysis Gel pads and tympanic thermometers to provide comfort and relief during treatment.
ICU & CCRT TVs to provide entertainment and improve overall mood and satisfaction.
MASH (Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton) Warm blanket machine to provide immediate comfort for patients experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
Medicine Compassionate monoferric treatments to help vulnerable patients overcome the symptoms of iron deficiency and improve their quality of life.
Medicine BiPAP masks to provide non-invasive treatment for patients undergoing treatment or therapy.
Mountain One Warm blanket machine to deliver comfort and warmth while reducing stress and anxiety.
N2 White noise machines to promote restful and consistent sleep.
Nephrology/RTU (social work) Gift cards, emergency funds, and home maintenance to address food insecurities and improve quality of life.
Occupational Therapy ROHO cushions, oxygen tank holders, varilite cushions and resting hand splints to enhance patient comfort.
Orchard One TVs to provide entertainment and improve overall mood and satisfaction.
Orchard One Veinlite Vein Finder to provide efficient and timely care. Patients will no longer have to wait as long or be transferred to a different unit.
Outpatient Additional blood pressure machines to provide efficient and timely care for patients.
Outpatient Clinic Patient recliner chair to provide comfort to patients undergoing difficult treatments.
Outpatient Forensic Psychiatry Clothing and toiletries to foster dignity and self-confidence while improving overall well-being
Palliative Care Portable fans to keep patients cool and comfortable. Gift cards to provide coffee or a meal to family members as they stay by their loved one’s bedside.
PES (psychiatric emergency services) Electronics, walker, clothing, personal hygiene, blankets, therapeutic packages to provide comfort, entertainment and improved self-image.
Portering & Linen Additional Staxi chair cushions to enhance patient comfort
RAAM (Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic) Coffee station and ear buds to create a more welcoming environment to support their recovery. Gift cards and bus tickets to help support their well-being, increase engagement and support retention rates.
Satellite Hemodialysis Headphones, electric blankets, and donut cushions to provide entertainment and comfort during treatment.
Schizophrenia Outpatient Clinic Fans, clothing and toiletries to help foster dignity and improve patient comfort.
SCIS CD players to play music to improve mood and engagement. Additional clocks and alarms to support and encourage participation in daily routines.
SCIS Luggage and reusable shopping bags to provide to patients in need. This will help to transport their belongings, while also enhancing their self-worth, decreasing stigma and assisting with their recovery.
SHF, Complex Care/Medical Rehab, 2ALC/6ALC, Ambulatory Transportation vouchers for patients who require assistance traveling to medical appointments and treatments. This will allow patients to gain access to care in the most appropriate location, while fostering dignity and respect.
Social Work Cellphones and pre-paid calling cards to remove any communication barriers for patients in need. Providing access to their care providers and support systems to improve patient outcomes.
Social Work PocketTalkers to provide better care and communication for hearing impaired patients.
Special Care Nursery Noise cancelling headphones to help reduce background noise and promote patient privacy.
Special Care Nursery Gel donuts to comfort and support a newborn’s head. Twin transport harnesses to allow both babies to travel together in an ambulance or transport vehicle.
Urgent Care Step stools, charging stations, kid activities, tall back chair, and TV to improve the overall comfort and experience of the waiting area.
Volunteer Resources Books, games, and knitting supplies to provide activities for patients to promote socialization while also developing their relationship with staff.
YASUP (Young Adult Substance Use Program) Writing supplies, fidget toys, snacks, gift cards to help support their well-being, increase engagement and support retention rates.




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