St. Joseph's Health System (SJHS) Annual Message - 2016


Each day, the physicians, staff, researchers, learners, donors and volunteers of St. Joseph’s Health System dedicate significant effort, expertise and time to the advancement of the Mission of the System in the spirit of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Without the support and the contributions of our member Foundations we would not be able to achieve our goal of improving care and inspiring discovery for the benefit of our patients, clients and residents.

This year, we acknowledge with pride and gratitude the following key initiatives which are taking shape within St. Joseph’s Health System.

Strategic Planning/Integrated Comprehensive Care Initiatives (ICC):

The leadership of the SJHS Board inspired the SJHS strategic plan which focused on the integration of care with the expectation that our model of care would be centered on the resident, client and patient and less driven by organizational structures and silos. As we operationalize this strategic plan, our selection of priorities will be Mission sensitive. We are committed to delivering health care that is seamless and closes ‘gaps in the system’ that can, and do, lead to harm. This plan also places great emphasis on education and research, as well as training and support for our staff, physicians and volunteers. At the heart of this innovative care is the recognition that we all need to work toward a more holistic, effective and resource conscious health care system. As we embark upon this bold new vision we understand at the outset, that those we serve and our frontline leaders and staff will play a crucial role in the design and innovation of new models which reflect of our Mission and Values in action.

As a key component of SJHS strategic planning, the ICC initiatives continue to grow both within SJHS, neighbouring LHINS and across the province. ‘ICC 2.0’, is the project taking place within the Hamilton, Niagara, Haldimand, Brant (HNHB) LHIN and has spread to almost all LHIN hospitals. An iteration of the ICC initiative is also taking hold in the Waterloo Wellington (WW) LHIN where the program will support advances in St. Mary’s General Hospital’s minimally invasive Thoracic program. This support will be in the form of a pre-hospital service visit (which is unique) and a follow up service visit once the patient has had their surgery and has been discharged. In both LHINs, the transformation in care and experience for patients and families in the ICC programs continues to be reinforced. Provincially, SJHS continues to participate and support as a regional consultant in Integrated Funding Methodology.

End of Life Care:

In April 2016 we saw the first draft of legislation to amend the Criminal Code of Canada and other relevant acts in response to the Supreme Court of Canada decision on Physician Assisted Death (PAD).

Of utmost importance is the need to emphasize that we are committed to compassion, holistic and excellent end of life care and palliative care for those we serve. Those in our care and their loved ones will be treated with the compassion, dignity and respect that our Mission, Vision and Values require.

SJHS continues to work with our partner organizations in local communities as well as the Centre for Clinical Ethics in Toronto, the Catholic Health Association of Ontario, the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada and others. We are also working closely with our internal PAD Task Group which is comprised of clinical and ethical experts from all of our member organizations.

The SJHS Foundations:

As key members of the SJHS, it is important to recognize the critical contributions of the five Foundations of the St. Joseph’s Health System, which include St. Joseph’s Lifecare Foundation Brantford, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Foundation Hamilton, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Foundation Guelph, St. Joseph’s Villa Foundation Dundas, and St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation Kitchener.

In the 2015/16 fiscal year the charitable Foundations of the SJHS collectively secured $22.1 million (excluding investment income) and cumulatively granted $19.8 million to partner healthcare organizations. It is important to note that all funding commitments to partner healthcare organizations were met.

We remain indebted and grateful to the SJHS Foundations and donors for their unwavering support and contribution to the Mission of SJHS and ultimately to the patients, clients, residents and families that we are privileged to serve.


SJHS would also like to recognize the positive progress achieved with partners in local regions and Local Health integration Networks (LHINs). Of note is our ongoing partnership with the Niagara Health System (NHS) and agreement to appoint a common Chief of Staff, Dr. Tom Stewart, for St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton and the NHS.

As interest continues to grow in the St. Joseph’s Health System and our work to integrate care, we are connecting with new potential partners who share our philosophy of care.


Sister Anne Anderson
Chair, St. Joseph's Health System
Dr. Kevin Smith
President & CEO, St. Joseph's Health System


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