Join the Comfort & Kindness Club

Every summer, we invite St. Joe’s staff – on behalf of the patients they serve in their department or unit – to submit applications for a grant from the Foundation’s Patient Comfort & Kindness Fund.

This fund is dedicated to helping departments to cover the costs of the “little things” that may not be eligible for funding from the province but are a critical tool in helping improve our patient’s hospital experience and supporting the healing process.

However, as the demand for these comfort items continues to grow, along with the increasing demands placed on our healthcare system, we need your help!

By joining the Comfort & Kindness Club, your monthly contribution will provide us with consistent, reliable funding for the “little things” that mean so much to our patients.

As our way of saying thanks, we'll send you a special pin to wear proudly to let everyone know that you're one of St. Joe's everyday angels.