Essential Equipment

Our Hospital can’t always plan for when a piece of technology may need to be repaired or replaced. And the operating dollars we receive from the province aren’t always enough to cover the costs of putting the latest healthcare equipment in the hands of our compassionate care teams. But with the support of friends like you, we can ensure that our care teams have the essential equipment they need to deliver the very best care to you and those you love.

Because items like IV poles, thermometers and vital sign monitors are used with nearly every patient we serve, there’s a near-constant need for replacing these as they age, break or near the end of their useful lifespans.

With the support of our community, we also raise funds to help the Hospital purchase diagnostic imaging equipment like CT Scanners, Cancer Screening Technology, MRIs and more. We work closely with Hospital leadership to understand which pieces of equipment they need the most and then share those needs with our generous community of grateful patients, donors and friends – people just like you.

Fund Essential Equipment