Renovations &
Patient Spaces

Renovations & Patient Spaces

In a Hospital that’s been caring for our community for 135 years and counting, there are some spaces and patient care places that need repairs, renovations or a complete renewal. Donations from grateful patients and people just like you help us to build Hospital rooms that foster hope and healing.

Creating Care Areas to Give Babies the Best Start Possible

We’ve been helping to deliver newborns at our Hospital for more than a century, but right now our baby care units need a little TLC. The Birthing Unit at our Hospital has 11 labour and delivery rooms. But the rooms are small and cluttered with largely unused cabinetry. So, we’re removing the cabinets, installing new flooring to support the highest infection control standards, painting them in nature-inspired colours, installing dimmable lighting, and smaller, mobile clinical care carts, too.

With more floor space, new parents can use birthing chairs, balls or stools to labour in the way that feels most comfortable for them. We’re adding a fridge to keep snacks and drinks close by and a sleeper chair so visitors can stay by the side of their labouring loved one.

Baby Care

Down the hall, our Neonatal Special Care Nursery provides specialized care for 600 newborns each year. The nursery only has space for 17 beds, but lately, we’ve been caring for up to 20 babies at a time. That’s why we need your help.

Your donation will help retrofit an existing area of our Hospital to add more beds and more space between our neonatal care bays.  More space between vulnerable infants and their families supports infection control while also giving families more privacy. Dimmable lighting will be installed to support the intensive care and the quiet times needed for our tiniest patients and an isolation room will also be constructed for critically-ill newborns

Give Babies the Best Start Possible