Surgical Robotics

Surgical Robotics

Over the past 10 years, our generous community has helped St. Joe’s to become an international leader in robotic surgery and one of only a few Hospitals in Canada with two robotic surgery platforms: the da Vinci (Si and Xi models) and the MAKO RIO. This technology, in the hands of our skilled orthopaedic and cancer surgeons, is helping patients requiring full and partial joint replacements to go home within days of their procedure with less pain and greater mobility.

It’s helping patients with cancers of the lung, kidney, bladder, prostate, head and neck to heal faster – and return home sooner – as a result of precise incisions that reduce scarring, result in less blood loss and cause less trauma to the body.

But until all types of robotic surgery are fully funded by the province, our Foundation will continue to raise funds to cover the costs of the specialized robotic instruments that are needed for every surgery and to invest in robotic surgery research.

With 3,500 robotic procedures completed to date at St. Joe’s, we’re gathering the data that irrefutably demonstrates robotic surgery provides better outcomes for patients and cost-savings for our healthcare system, too. But right now, only two of the nine types of robotic surgeries we perform at St. Joe’s are covered by OHIP. Help us fund the future of care with a gift to support robotic surgery research and care.

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