Say Thanks To A St. Joe's Miracle Worker

We often hear from people who wonder how they can show appreciation for a care provider or care team – their “Miracle Workers” as many have called them. These are Hospital staff who went above and beyond to provide competent, compassionate care in their time of need. Our Say Thanks to a St. Joe Miracle Program is designed to allow patients and their loved ones to do exactly that!

The program allows patients and family members to say “thank you” for the exemplary care received, and to make a gift in honour of an individual caregiver or care team. Patients and loved ones are also invited to send a personal note to thank their Miracle Worker.

All donations through our program will help fund life-saving equipment, enhance patient care areas, and medical research, so that our Miracle Workers can continue to provide exceptional care to those we proudly serve.

Recognizing Our 2023 Miracle Workers

Hear From Our Miracle Workers